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Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

The Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (SLASS) offers an integrated education that blends liberal arts and social sciences. By fostering interdisciplinary knowledge across various fields, SLASS prepares students to effectively address contemporary cultural, economic, political, and institutional challenges, ensuring a well-rounded and comprehensive educational experience.

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“ SLASS strives to disseminate quality education and make significant research contribution on the most pressing socio-economic issues at the local and national level. It also aspires to prevent brain drain in the country by offering higher quality education.”
Head of Department’s Message

Inspiring excellence,

“The School of Liberal Arts and Social Science (SLASS) is at the heart of BNU’s vision of being a liberal arts university. More than a century back Cardinal Newman (1801-1890) delivered some lectures which outline his ‘idea of a university’. One of the ideas which emerge from these lectures is that a university should be a seat of learning i.e. it should teach all branches of knowledge. The Humboldtian idea of a university is not only to teach but also produce new knowledge cutting-edge research in all branches of knowledge. These are ideals which we can aspire to in Pakistan but which we cannot reach immediately. However, despite our constraints, BNU has established liberal arts and social science subjects in order to honor branches of knowledge which utilitarian capital-generating, job oriented places of teaching ignore. “

Prof. Dr. Tahir Kamran,

Head of the Liberal Arts Department.
Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences


Empowering Lives Through Diverse Programs of Study

Department of Liberal Arts (DLA)

A liberal arts education is an academic approach that encompasses a broad spectrum of disciplines from the Humanities and Social Sciences. We aim to cultivate well-rounded individuals with critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity, and a desire and capacity for lifelong learning. Liberal arts education emphasizes interdisciplinary knowledge and the development of essential skills such as analytical reasoning, effective communication, and ethical judgment.


Our team,

Prof. Dr. Tahir Kamran

Prof. Dr. Tahir Kamran

Dr. Tahir has been associated with BNU since January 2019. He has a PhD in History from the University of Punjab and has taught and served at key academic positions nationally and internationally at renowned Universities. He has been honored with multiple prestigious fellowships including Fellowship at the Wolfson College and the Allama Iqbal Professorial Fellowship at the University of Cambridge, UK.Dr. Tahir areas of research interest are governance, democracy and religious politics particularly in the regions of Pakistan and South Asia. He has authored several books with a number of research publications, encyclopedic contributions and edited volumes to his credit. Out of the recent notable works, he recently co-authored a book on Lahore: A Portrait of a Colonial City (Hurst & Co.) and co-edited Deobandi Militancy and Faith Based Violence in Pakistan (Palgrave). He has also been serving as an editor for several academic journals and is a founding member and editor for the Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies by Indiana University Press, USA.

Dr. Farooq Sulehria

Dr. Farooq Sulehria

Dr. Farooq Sulehria has a PhD in Development Studies (SOAS) and MA degrees in Global Media and Post-National Communication (SOAS) and Mass Communication (University of Punjab). Before joining BNU in 2018, he worked as a Senior Teaching Fellow and a Teaching Fellow, for three years, at SOAS University of London. He was also a Visiting Lecturer at the University of East London.In the past, he has worked as a journalist with mainstream dailies such as The News (Rawalpindi), The Nation (Lahore), The Frontier Post (Lahore) and Daily Mashriq (Karachi). Since 2005, he has been contributing an op-ed column to The News.For over five years (2010-2015), he also co-edited Viewpoint, a weekly e-zine. He has also contributed to Znet, teleSUR-English, TRT besides such mainstream Swedish dailies as Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet.Besides contributing to national and international media outlets, he has authored and translated over a dozen books on politics and religion, both in Urdu and English.

Ms. Tania Faraz

Ms. Tania Faraz

Tania Faraz is a permanent faculty member in the Department of Liberal Arts. She has an M.phil in English Literature. She has been teaching Literature, Language and Communication courses for the last fifteen years. In the past, she has taught at Kinnaird College for Women Lahore and National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) as an Assistant Professor. Her areas of interest include Comparative Literature, and she believes in liberating and educating minds through Literature.

Dr. Waqas Sajjad

Dr. Waqas Sajjad

Dr. Waqas Sajjad has a PhD in Cultural and Historical Studies of Religions from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. His research interests are broadly related to Islam in South Asia. He has worked on developments in religious discourses in South Asia, Sufism, the role of religion in social media, and the contemporary roles of religious scholars.Before joining BNU, Dr. Sajjad has been involved in multiple research-related fields, including in the development sector and in a think tank. He is currently working on his first book-length project, which is an exploration of the polemical engagements between Deobandi and Barelvi traditions in Pakistan.


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Prof. Dr. Tahir Kamran Publishes Book on Pakistan’s History

The book offers a thorough and insightful exploration of Pakistan's multifaceted history, from its founding to the contemporary challenges it faces. In Chequered Past, Uncertain Future, Dr. Kamran delves into the intricate socio-political dynamics that have shaped Pakistan. The book meticulously traces the nation’s evolution, examining pivotal events, influential figures, and the complex interplay of regional and global forces. Dr. Kamran's analysis provides readers with a nuanced understanding of Pakistan’s historical trajectory and its implications for the future. This publication is set to become a seminal text in the study of Pakistani history. Dr. Kamran's expertise and academic rigor shine through in this comprehensive account, making it an invaluable resource for scholars, students, and anyone interested in the rich and turbulent history of Pakistan.

Ambassador of Kazakhstan Enlightens Liberal Arts Students

BNU had the privilege of hosting His Excellency Yerzhan Kistafin, the esteemed Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Pakistan. The Ambassador addressed the Liberal Arts students specializing in History, International Relations, Anthropology, and Literature with an enlightening lecture During his address, Ambassador Kistafin emphasized the significance of enhancing both economic and cultural ties between Pakistan and Kazakhstan. He delved into various avenues for strengthening Pak-Kazakh relations, highlighting Pakistan's geographic advantage in networking with the Eurasian continent via warm waters. The lecture provided invaluable insights for students keen on understanding the dynamics of international relations and the potential for collaboration between the two nations.

Dr. Dóra Shares Insights on Hungarian Education System

The Department of Liberal Arts (DLA) hosted a captivating guest speaker event featuring Dr. Dóra Günsberger, Deputy Head of Mission at the Hungarian Embassy. Dr. Günsberger provided valuable insights into the funded higher education opportunities in Hungary, particularly focusing on the Stipendicum Hungaricum scholarship offered by the Higher Education Commission. The session also delved into the rich cultural landscape of Hungary. With a BA in International Relations from Pazmany Péter Catholic University, Hungary, and an MPhil and PhD in South Asian Studies from the University of Cambridge and SOAS, University of London, respectively, Dr. Günsberger brought a wealth of academic expertise to the session. Her experience as a Research Fellow and Educator at Pázmány Péter Catholic University, as well as her tenure at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hungary, including her role as Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Hungary in Islamabad, further enriched her insights into international education affairs. The guest speaker session provided students and faculty with a unique opportunity to learn about the Hungarian education system and explore potential academic opportunities abroad. Dr. Günsberger's engaging session sparked meaningful discussions and highlighted the importance of international collaboration and exchange in higher education.

SLASS Hosts Book Launch Event

The Department of Liberal Arts at Seeta Majeed School of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences (SMSLASS) recently organized a captivating book launch event for Professor Ali Usman Qasmi's latest publication, "Qaum, Mulk, Sultanat." The event, held on Thursday, February 22, 2024, drew faculty members, scholars, students, and enthusiasts alike to celebrate the esteemed author's newest work. Dr. Ali Usman Qasmi, the author of "Qaum, Mulk, Sultanat," earned his PhD from the prestigious South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University in 2000. Currently serving as the Associate Professor of History at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Dr. Qasmi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his research and writing. The book launch allowed participants to explore the intricate themes within "Qaum, Mulk, Sultanat" and engage in stimulating discussions with the author. During the panel discussion featuring Professor Qasmi and Ms. Rajaa Saleem, thought-provoking conversations ensued regarding the impact of nationalism on culture and identity debates. The students posed questions covering various topics, including the role of language, the politics surrounding the anthem, and the significance of national dress. The Department of Liberal Arts at SLASS continues to foster an environment of academic inquiry and literary appreciation through events such as this book launch, furthering its commitment to promoting interdisciplinary dialogue.

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