Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I apply? Please share the application process.

  • Please visit the BNU website and click on the “Fall 2024 Admissions Open” tab.
  • Use a valid email ID to fill out your admission application form.
  • After completing your Admissions Application Form online, please upload scanned copies of your attested educational documents(PDF) and final submit.

What are the degrees on offer?

BNU offers a wide range of degree programs in various disciplines. Please click the link below to know about the degree programs offered at BNU:

Programs of Study

How can I pay the application processing fee?

The Admissions Application Processing Fee can be paid through bank deposit A/c. # 00211650512685 at any branch of the UBL Bank. OR you can pay via blinq app (procedure is available in your application in the ‘processing fee’ section OR you can pay via fund transfer using 1Bill option from your mobile banking app.

What to do after payment of the application processing and uploading of the processing fee details?

Complete the remaining sections of your online application and upload scanned copies (PDF)of your attested documents in the ‘upload documents’ section and click ’final submit ‘to complete your online application.

Do we need to visit the campus to submit the documents?

Applicants can visit campus for general information or to have one-on-one interaction with staff and faculty.In-person visits to the campus are not mandatory since the complete application process is online.

What is the fee for one semester?

Fees structure is subject to the program you’re interested in. Please visit the page below to know about the per semester fees for 2024-25 session.

Programs of Study

Is BNU's admissions office open, so we can visit and submit the documents?

Applicants don’t need to submit their application or documents in person to the admission office as the complete admission procedure is Online. However, it is preferred to sort your query with us over the Admissions UAN: 042-111-BNU-LHR (042-111-268-547) or via our Social Media:

You can also write to us on

Since I'm in another city, how can I take the entry test if I can't travel?

It depends on the program you’re applying for. Most of the departments are conducting the on-campus test/ interview. However, you must check our website by scrolling down for the schedule to the program you’re applying for.

Please visit the page below link for the admission schedule details:

Admissions Schedule

9-What is the admission merit/ criteria for FA/ F.Sc. / Intermediate students?

Please visit the page below for the admission criteria for all degree programs:

Admissions Criteria

What is the admission merit/ criteria for A-level students?

Applicants with eight pass subjects of O levels (including compulsory subjects) and three pass subjects of A levels (full credit subjects) are eligible to apply.

Note: The IBCC equivalence certificate score should meet the eligibility criteria requirement for the applied degree program.

Please visit the page below for the admission criteria of all degree programs:

Admissions Criteria

What is the scholarship criteria?

BNU offers multiple scholarships in various disciplines. Please visit the page below for the scholarship information:

Admissions Schedule

Does BNU offer sports-based scholarships?

Yes, we do offer Sport-based scholarships. Applicants have the option to apply for this scholarship from their applicant portal. The complete application should reach the admission office by the deadline as mentioned on the application for.

Please visit the page below for information on scholarships:


I can't submit the online application form for admissions because I don't have the equivalence certificate or marks yet since I don't have A-level results at the moment. Can you help me with this?

You can choose the ' waiting’ option to complete this section, also you can upload the equivalence certificate on your applicant portal before the commencement of classes in September.

Will I receive confirmation once the application process is complete? Will there be notifications?

You will receive a confirmation via text message on the provided contact number. Or you must check your student portal for confirmation.

Can I apply to BNU if I've failed a subject in intermediate part 1?

If you expect to receive your full intermediate result (with no supplementary exams) before classes begin, you can apply for provisional admission, provided you meet BNU's admission criteria and pass the admission test and interview.

Where is the campus situated?

Beaconhouse National University, Tarogil Campus,

13 Km Off Thokar Niazbeg, Raiwind Road, Tarogil, Lahore - 53700, Pakistan.

Am I eligible to apply for any MS degree program in Psychology at BNU if I have a Bachelor’s degree?

To apply for an MS program in Psychology, you must have finished an undergraduate degree in the relevant field. For the MS in Clinical Psychology, you must have completed a 4-year (Honors) degree in Psychology from an HEC recognized university.

What will be the entry test pattern?

Please scroll down to the respective department you’re applying for, and you can download the entry test pattern from the page:

Admissions Schedule

I applied for early admissions but could not secure an admission. Can I apply in the same department again, or another department during the regular admissions intake?

No, you cannot apply to any other degree program offered by the same department. However, you are eligible to apply (subject to completing the eligibility requirements) for the degree programs offered by other departments of the University.

Do you have any campus in Karachi/ Islamabad?

We’re only located in Lahore, Pakistan.

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