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Dean’s Honor List

Students with excellent academic performance during a semester are placed on the Dean’s Honor List, the eligibility criterion for which is:

  • The eligibility criteria for Dean’s Honor List is same for undergraduate and Master’s degree i.e. 3.5 GPA in a semester. However, all students who attain a CGPA of 3.5 at the end of each academic year are entitled to merit scholarship (25% of the tuition fee) for the next academic year. A student is eligible for Need-based scholarship if he/she has CGPA of 2.5.
  • Full workload for a semester as prescribed by a School/Institute for postgraduate, graduate and undergraduate program for the Dean’s Honor list.
  • For Dean’s Honor List, a student’s attendance and disciplinary record is also taken into consideration.

Award Of Gold Medal

The eligibility criterion for the award of gold medal is :

  • The student with an outstanding performance and with the highest CGPA in each degree Program, but not less than a CGPA of 3.65
  • There should be no repeat course and “F” grade in the academic record of the student.
  • There should be no disciplinary case or warning against him/her in their record.
  • A certificate of distinction/honors will be awarded for the best thesis/film or project to students in the final semester.
  • If two students attain the same highest grade point average then each of them will receive a Gold Medal.
  • In a class, if the minimum number of students is less than 5, then the recommendations for the award of gold medal will be submitted to an Award Committee.
  • While considering a student for the award of Gold Medal student’s attendance and disciplinary record may be considered.
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