Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Ms. Shajeea Shuja

Architect, Interior Designer & Educationist

Assistant Professor

Razia Hassan School of Architecture (RHSA)

Shajeea Shuja, an Assistant Professor at BNU's Razia Hassan School of Architecture since 2013, combines civil engineering, interior design, architecture, and conservation in her academic and professional career. She is passionate about cultural preservation and innovative pedagogy.


Shajeea Shuja has been part of Pakistan's academic landscape since 2013 and currently serves as an Assistant Professor at the Razia Hassan School of Architecture, BNU, Lahore. A versatile design polymath, she seamlessly integrates principles from civil engineering, interior design, architecture, and conservation into both her academic and professional pursuits. With nearly two decades of experience, Shajeea has engaged in diverse projects as an interior designer and architect across Pakistan and Australia. Her dedication to preserving cultural heritage is evident in her role as a conservationist, actively contributing to safeguarding Pakistan's built heritage. Shajeea's pedagogy, rooted in critical thinking, favors the Socratic method to foster intellectual inquiry among her students. Additionally, she holds a keen interest in social sustainability and environmental psychology, subtly integrating these aspects into her academic endeavors


MS in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, Middle East Technical University, Turkey, Master of Architecture, University of Sydney, Australia, Master of Interior Design, National College of Arts, Lahore, Bachelor of Civil Engineering, University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Member-PEC.

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