Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Second Run of Tolerance Poster Show

MDSVAD welcomed the second iteration of the Tolerance Poster Show. Originating in 2017 and spanning 40 countries with 81 appearances, this impactful exhibition returned to Lahore, Pakistan, for its second stint. The Tolerance Poster Show offers institutions the freedom to curate and exhibit works based on their capacity, which are then digitally printed and showcased. Curated by Professor Aarish Sardar, this rendition of the exhibition graced the serene backdrop of the SLASS Lawn on BNU's campus, captivating students, faculty, and visitors alike. Renowned design author and Co-Chair of the MFA Design Department at the School of Visual Arts, New York, Steven Heller, shared his commendation for the Tolerance Poster Show. In a quick review published in The Daily Heller, Heller emphasized the significance of tolerance in all societies and praised the efforts of Aarish Sardar in organizing the show at BNU. "The show leverages the unique power of design to remind us of our shared humanity," underscores organizer Mirko Ilic. By fostering dialogue and understanding, the Tolerance Poster Show at BNU continues to serve as a beacon of unity and acceptance in a world enriched by diversity.

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