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SE Celebrates Mother Language Day

The School of Education at BNU celebrated Mother Language Day continuing a cherished tradition that has been a hallmark of the school for many years. This annual event pays homage to the significance of mother languages, particularly Punjabi, and serves as a platform to promote their importance. This year's celebration featured esteemed speakers who delivered presentations in Punjabi, enriching the event with the cultural and linguistic heritage of the region. Professor Bhutta from GCU and Dr. Tariq Rahman from SE presented seminar papers focusing on the rich history and intricate politics surrounding the Punjabi language. Their insightful discussions provided attendees with a deeper understanding of Punjabi's evolution and its socio-political relevance. Following the presentations, an engaging question and answer session was conducted, allowing students and faculty to actively participate and exchange ideas in Punjabi. This interactive segment further enhanced the educational experience and fostered a sense of community within the School of Education. Continuing the festivities, a traditional Punjabi lunch was served, featuring an array of authentic dishes that delighted the senses and provided a taste of Punjab's culinary heritage. The event served not only as a celebration of language but also as a vibrant showcase of Punjabi culture. The entire occasion was conducted exclusively in Punjabi, reaffirming the school's commitment to preserving and promoting linguistic diversity. Through events like these, the School of Education continues to uphold its mission of fostering cultural understanding and appreciation among its students and faculty.

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