Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Renowned Entrepreneur Inspires Media Students at BNU Talks

The Department of Journalism welcomed Mr. Vic Ahmed as the esteemed speaker for a Special Guest Lecture, presented as part of BNU Talks - our Distinguished Lecture Series. Mr. Ahmed, an accomplished entrepreneur, engaged the audience with his extensive insights during a captivating session focused on "Navigating Career Pathways: Tech Startup." The event was meticulously arranged by BNU's School of Media and Mass Communication. During the lecture, Mr. Vic Ahmed underscored the significance of transforming visionary ideas into tangible business opportunities. His insights provided BNU students with a unique chance to broaden their entrepreneurial perspective and glean valuable lessons from his entrepreneurial journey. Mr. Ahmed brings a distinctive expertise in building companies from the ground up and revitalizing struggling businesses into successful ventures. His passion for converting visions into concrete business opportunities is evident through his effective communication with diverse stakeholders, including investors, employees, partners, and customers. With a notable track record of raising substantial funds and leading world-class teams, Mr. Ahmed is celebrated for his agility in navigating market changes. His approach ensures a harmonious blend of strategic planning and focused execution, making him an invaluable source of inspiration for budding entrepreneurs.

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