Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Ms. Shabana Ahmed

Ms. Shabana Ahmed, Senior Assistant Professor at the School of Education, participated as a panelist in a thought-provoking discussion titled ‘From Break to Breakthrough’ organized by the Teacher’s Learning Alliance (TLA), a professional body dedicated to promoting effective teacher education in Pakistan. The primary focus of the discussion was on exploring avenues for teacher development, particularly during the summer break.

The panel commenced by highlighting the paramount importance of professional development (PD) for educators, setting the stage for a nuanced exploration of various approaches and types of PD available to teachers. A central theme of the discussion was the pivotal role of digitalization in shaping opportunities for teacher development. Panelists delved into the myriad possibilities afforded by technology, emphasizing its capacity to revolutionize traditional professional development practices and enhancing professional growth. The discussion underscored the potential of digital tools and platforms such as podcasts, blogs, social media platforms and educational apps in facilitating professional development during the summer break. The session culminated in a Q&A segment, providing attendees with an opportunity to engage directly with the panelists and delve deeper into the topics discussed. Shabana Ahmed’s participation enriched the panel discussion, offering valuable perspectives and insights that resonated with educators seeking to harness the power of PD for personal and professional growth.

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