Ms. Aatiqa Sheikh

Ms. Aatiqa Sheikh, Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for the MA Art Education program at the Department of Graduate & Interdisciplinary Studies, MDSVAD, recently participated at the Young Cultural Diplomacy Forum hosted by the Center for Strategy & Cultural Diplomacy (CSCD). This invitation recognized her contributions and expertise in cultural diplomacy.

The forum convened emerging leaders from around the globe to explore the complexities of cultural diplomacy and its influence on international relations. As a representative of Pakistan and Asia, Ms. Sheikh played a pivotal role in discussing how soft power can be effectively utilized in cultural policy development. Her insights significantly enriched the dialogue, fostering greater understanding and cooperation among nations. Ms. Sheikh's participation in the forum demonstrated BNU's commitment to academic excellence and global engagement. Her involvement underscores the university's dedication to contributing to significant international discourse, particularly in cultural diplomacy. Beaconhouse National University congratulates Ms. Aatiqa Sheikh on her prestigious role and her impactful contributions.

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