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Business Students Dive into Advertising at BBDO Pakistan

Students specializing in Marketing at Beaconhouse National University's School of Business embarked on an enriching journey to one of Pakistan's premier advertising agencies, BBDO Pakistan. BBDO Pakistan is renowned for its extensive portfolio of national and international brands and its noteworthy Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, which range from campaigns advocating against dowry to endeavors addressing skin burn issues. With a global presence, BBDO Pakistan has set industry standards for excellence. Mr. Farooq Qazi, the Chief Operating Officer at BBDO Pakistan, extended a warm welcome to the students. He provided valuable insights into the intricacies of the advertising process and engaged in an interactive discussion about the critical role of bridging the gap between client and customer understanding in the advertising world. Mr. Qazi encouraged the students to approach their roles with unwavering passion and enthusiasm, emphasizing that these qualities are key to becoming successful advertisers. Moreover, he commended the School of Business (SB) at BNU for its commendable efforts in aligning students' theoretical knowledge with practical exposure. This valuable visit to BBDO Pakistan not only broadened the students' horizons but also deepened their understanding of the dynamic world of advertising. BNU's School of Business is dedicated to providing students with real-world experiences that complement their academic pursuits, and visits like these serve as a testament to the university's commitment to preparing students for successful careers in the business world.

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