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Bridging Art & Advocacy: Interuniversity Performing Arts Competition

The Interuniversity Performing Arts Competition held on May 5, 2024 by BNU's Institute of Psychology in collaboration with Punjab Aids Control Program, marked a significant milestone in raising awareness about mental health and AIDS through the captivating medium of art. The event, graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Shahid Hameed, a legendary figure in Urdu Cinema, as the Chief Guest, brought together talents from various universities across the region. The panel of jurors, comprising Mr. Qazi Akhyar, Head of Department TFT, Mr. Nasir Ali Mazari, Asst. Prof. TFT, and Registrar Farzana Shahid, added weight to the event, ensuring a fair and rigorous assessment of performances. Notable personalities such as Dr. Ruhi Khalid, Director of the Institute of Psychology, and Dr. Farhat Nadeem, HOD of the Institute of Psychology, along with Rana Faizan, HOD of the School of Media and Mass Communication, graced the occasion, emphasizing the importance of the intersection between art, mental health, and social advocacy. The competition witnessed universities showcasing their diverse talents and creative expressions, highlighting the depth of understanding and passion for the cause. After a tough competition, Government College of Lahore emerged triumphant, claiming the prestigious first position. Following closely, Lahore Garrison University secured the second position, while Punjab University secured the third spot. The winners were duly rewarded with cash prizes, with Government College of Lahore receiving Rs. 50,000 for the first position, Lahore Garrison University receiving Rs. 30,000 for the second position, and Punjab University receiving Rs. 20,000 for the third position. The participating universities, including Bahria University, University of Central Punjab, Superior University, University of Management Technology, National University of Modern Languages, Government College Lahore, and Punjab University, showcased not only their artistic prowess but also their commitment to promoting mental health awareness and combating the stigma associated with AIDS. Through this platform, art became a powerful tool for advocacy, fostering dialogue, understanding, and compassion for mental health issues and those affected by AIDS. The Interuniversity Performing Arts Competition stands as a testament to the transformative power of art in addressing societal challenges and promoting positive change.

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