Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

BNU Hosts a Week of Artistic Innovation at MDSVAD's Annual Thesis Display

From June 8 to 15, Beaconhouse National University (BNU) became a vibrant center of artistic expression as the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (MDSVAD) unveiled its Annual Thesis Display. The event transformed the BNU campus into a bustling hub of creativity, showcasing the impressive work of 98 graduating students from diverse disciplines, including BFA Visual Art, BDes Visual Communication Design, BDes Textile, Fashion, and Accessories Design, and BA (Hons) Interdisciplinary Expanded Design & Art. Visitors were immersed in a dynamic world of visual arts and design, experiencing a range of projects that demonstrated the students’ mastery and innovation. The thesis display was a vivid tapestry of creative expression, featuring multimedia visual art installations, sophisticated communication designs, innovative textile and fashion collections, and interdisciplinary projects that bridged art and technology. The exhibit highlighted the diverse talents nurtured within MDSVAD, where students pushed the boundaries of traditional practices and explored contemporary themes through their work. Visual art installations engaged audiences with bold, interactive elements that addressed identity, culture, and social issues. Visual communication designs impressed with their ability to convey complex ideas through compelling imagery and typography, while the textile, fashion, and accessories collections showcased cutting-edge designs that fused aesthetic appeal with technical proficiency. The interdisciplinary projects stood out for their innovative approach, blending various artistic and design practices to offer new perspectives on modern challenges. Each piece reflected the students’ dedication to their craft and their ability to think critically and creatively. The week-long celebration of artistic talent culminated in a vibrant closing ceremony that recognized the achievements of the graduating students and the support of their mentors. Industry professionals, alumni, and art enthusiasts attended the display, providing feedback and building connections with the emerging artists and designers. Dean Dr. S.M. Tariq Javed lauded the students, expressing pride in their innovative spirit and the diverse range of projects presented. He emphasized the significant contributions these graduates are poised to make in the art and design fields. Complementing the thesis display were workshops, panel discussions, and live demonstrations that enriched the experience, offering insights into the creative processes behind the showcased works. The event underscored BNU’s commitment to fostering a dynamic environment for artistic growth and innovation, leaving attendees inspired by the extraordinary talent and vision of the next generation of visual artists and designers.

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