Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

BCPR Engages Students to Shape a Course on Pak-US Relations

On April 2, 2024, Beaconhouse National University's Centre for Policy Research (BCPR) organized an interactive session to gather student perspectives for the development of an undergraduate course on Pakistan-US relations. This initiative is part of BNU's commitment to inclusive and forward-thinking curriculum development.

The session, held at BNU's Tarogil Campus, attracted a diverse group of students from various disciplines, eager to contribute to the shaping of the course outline. Facilitated by BCPR faculty, the discussion covered crucial topics such as historical context, diplomatic dynamics, economic ties, and security issues between Pakistan and the United States. Students actively engaged in the discourse, offering insights on current geopolitical trends, cultural exchanges, and the impact of bilateral relations on regional stability. Their feedback will play a pivotal role in tailoring the course content to address contemporary issues and enhance students' understanding of Pakistan-US relations. Dr. Nida Ali, the lead coordinator of the session, emphasized the importance of student input in developing a curriculum that is both academically rigorous and relevant to today's global landscape. She highlighted that incorporating student viewpoints ensures the course will resonate with the interests and educational needs of the student body. BNU aims to launch this course in the upcoming academic year, reflecting its ongoing dedication to innovative education and fostering a well-rounded understanding of international relations among its students. This session exemplifies BNU’s approach to integrating student feedback in academic planning, reinforcing its position as a leading institution in providing quality education tailored to the evolving demands of the global community.

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