Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Syed Talaal Burny

Graduation year:   2015

A Trailblazing Tech Maestro

Beaconhouse National University (BNU) proudly highlights the remarkable achievements of its esteemed alumnus, Syed Talaal Burny, who graduated with a degree in Software Engineering from 2010 to 2015. With over 8 years of invaluable experience in the startup industry, Talaal has emerged as a leader in enterprise development, strategic partnerships, and brand management. Currently serving as the Developer Relations Manager at Careem, Talaal plays a pivotal role in shaping and expanding Careem Engineering as a prominent technology brand. His responsibilities include fostering the growth of the developer community and expanding Careem's technology teams across Pakistan and the MENA region. Since joining Careem in 2016, Talaal has been an integral part of its journey towards becoming MENA's first technology unicorn, culminating in its remarkable $3.1 billion acquisition by Uber. Throughout his tenure, Talaal has contributed his expertise across various departments, including Operations, Marketing, and Partnerships. Notably, he founded and led the sub-brand Careem ERUPT, connecting Careem with local technology startups and incubators to forge valuable partnerships and bridge industry gaps. Prior to his tenure at Careem, Talaal co-founded Travly, a pioneering ride-hailing startup that played a significant role in shaping Pakistan's on-demand transportation landscape. Travly's success, including securing a seed round of $200,000 from Pakistani investors, solidified its status as an iconic brand within the social media realm. Talaal's entrepreneurial journey has also seen him as an alumnus of the Plan9 Tech Incubator (3rd cycle, 2013) and the inaugural cohort of the PlanX Accelerator in 2014. Additionally, he has served as a Rajeev Circle Fellow and as the Co-Lead at Facebook Developer Circles. BNU commends Syed Talaal Burny for his outstanding contributions to the tech industry and extends its heartfelt congratulations on his continued success. He exemplifies the spirit of innovation and leadership instilled in BNU alumni, inspiring future generations to make their mark in the dynamic world of technology.

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