Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Maham Waqar

Graduation year:   2019

Receives Erasmus Mundus Scholarship and University of Connecticut Acceptance

Maham Waqar, an accomplished graduate of the TFT department at BNU's School of Media and Mass Communication and a former UGRAD Alumna, is making waves on the international stage. Her remarkable achievements have earned her prestigious opportunities in the world of filmmaking. Maham's exceptional achievement shone as she became one of only two students from Pakistan to be awarded the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. This scholarship provided her the opportunity to pursue a fully funded European Master's in Fiction Filmmaking, showcasing her unwavering dedication and exceptional talent within the industry. In addition to her Erasmus Mundus scholarship, Maham Waqar has gained acceptance into the University of Connecticut, USA, where she is currently pursuing an MFA in Digital Media and Design with a specialization in filmmaking. This decision was fueled by her desire for enhanced long-term prospects while steadfastly pursuing her Hollywood aspirations. Maham Waqar attributes a significant portion of her success to the nurturing environment and guidance she received at BNU, specifically acknowledging her mentors from the TFT department: Mr. Qazi Akhyar Ahmad, Head of the TFT Department, and Sir Nasir Ali Mazari, Assistant Professor at TFT, for their invaluable contributions to her creative journey. As Maham embarks on these new chapters in her academic and professional life, BNU extends its warmest congratulations and best wishes for her future endeavors. Her accomplishments serve as an inspiration to the BNU community, highlighting the university's commitment to fostering excellence and innovation in the realm of arts and media.

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