Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Fatima Shahid

Graduation year:   2023

Achieves Academic and Professional Milstones

BNU Celebrates the Remarkable Academic and Professional Achievements of Fatima Shahid Beaconhouse National University proudly highlights the outstanding accomplishments of Fatima Shahid, an alumna of the Razia Hassan School of Architecture (RHSA), whose journey through academia and the professional realm has been marked by excellence and dedication. Maintaining an impressive cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.82 upon completing her academic tenure, Fatima Shahid consistently received scholarships and secured a coveted place on the Dean's Honor List each semester, showcasing her unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Fatima's prowess in design and architecture gained recognition through studio projects showcased at various exhibitions, including the prestigious Iapex 22, reflecting her ability to contribute meaningfully to the field. Her dedication extended beyond the classroom, as evidenced by a successful architectural internship at Promag, Karachi, where she seamlessly applied theoretical knowledge to real-world projects, gaining valuable industry experience. In the fall of 2022, Fatima took on the role of a Teacher's Assistant for key courses, demonstrating her commitment to knowledge-sharing, assisting faculty, and contributing to the academic environment. Her final architectural thesis, awarded a distinction (A Grade), showcased her in-depth research and creative design thinking. The pinnacle of her achievements came with the well-deserved award of the Gold Medal for the batch of 2023, a recognition of her outstanding commitment to architectural excellence. Additionally, Fatima was honored with the prestigious Mehdi Ali Mirza Award for Best Academic Performance at the IAPEX 2023 BAE-IAP Award Ceremony, further highlighting her contributions to the architectural community. Currently, Fatima Shahid is imparting her knowledge and experience as a teacher for multiple courses during the fall semester of 2023, reflecting her commitment to mentor the next generation of aspiring architects. She expresses gratitude for the opportunities provided by Razia Hassan School of Architecture and anticipates continuing to contribute meaningfully to the field. Fatima's achievements serve not only as personal milestones but also contribute to the collective success of the academic community. BNU celebrates her success and hopes that her journey inspires ongoing dedication to architectural excellence, fostering a motivating environment for future students.

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