Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Aatiqa Sheikh

Graduation year:   2017

Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator MA Art Education, BNU

Aatiqa Sheikh, a distinguished graduate of Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design (MDSVAD) at Beaconhouse National University (BNU), stands at the forefront of innovative research and educational advocacy, seamlessly blending her passion for art education with a commitment to preserving cultural heritage. In 2017, Sheikh graduated with distinction, earning a Master of Arts in Art Education from MDSVAD. Reflecting on her transformative academic journey, she acknowledges the profound impact of her experiences within the classroom and the unparalleled opportunities provided by SVAD to its students in teaching, learning, and research. Her most recent academic endeavor was the presentation of her groundbreaking research paper titled 'Significance of Olfaction in Multi-Sensory Learning Environment' at the First Regional Conference on Arts and Media Education (RCAME) 2024, hosted by LUMS School of Education. This empirical study, situated at the intersection of Art Education, Neuroscience, and Philosophy, explores the role of smell in memory retention and learning enhancement, shedding new light on the potential of olfactory stimuli in multi-sensory learning environments. Moreover, Sheikh's commitment to educational advocacy extends beyond the realm of academic research. Collaborating with her colleagues at MDSVAD, she played a pivotal role in developing student and teachers' resource material for the second phase of UNESCO's Heritage Education project "Heritage in Young Hands," in collaboration with Faiz Ghar. Under Sheikh's leadership, the project produced educational materials highlighting the cultural heritage of Punjab, including books for heritage sites such as Sheikhupura, Lahore, and Rohtas. The success of the pilot project in targeted schools across Punjab led to its adoption by the Punjab Textbook Board (PTB), ensuring the dissemination of cultural knowledge and heritage conservation principles to public schools across the region. Through her exemplary scholarship and advocacy, Aatiqa Sheikh continues to bridge the worlds of art education and cultural heritage, making invaluable contributions to the evolving landscape of educational research and practice while preserving the rich tapestry of Pakistan's cultural legacy for future generations.

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