Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Naveed Qamar

Graduation year:   2017

Award Winning Film-Maker

Recognizing the achievements of its alumni, BNU proudly highlights Naveed Qamar's global influence through his impactful documentary film series. Naveed Qamar, a graduate of the MS Film & TV program from the Department of Theatre, Film & TV, is making waves with his impactful documentaries, created in partnership with World Wildlife Federation, that shed light on pressing environmental and conservation concerns. The series features a trailer and four completed documentaries, each of which has been revealed as follows: Water Resource Accountability in Pakistan A UKAID project addressing water resource mitigation after floods. Gender Ecologies - 6 Stories of Women on Indus River Delta Explores women's roles in mangrove conservation. Screened at the London Film and Game Jam Festival. Faces of Climate Change A Global Peace Awards initiative highlighting human experiences of climate change (video to be published in the future). Wildlife Diaries of Pakistan A 7-episode web series showcasing Pakistan's biodiversity and endangered species. Naveed Qamar's unwavering dedication to environmental causes has garnered recognition. The UN Climate Desk and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) acknowledge his invaluable contributions to ongoing climate change projects in Pakistan. As a prominent climate change activist, Naveed Qamar is currently working on two documentary film series and a feature-length documentary on climate change for international donors. BNU commends Naveed Qamar for leveraging the power of storytelling to address urgent environmental issues. His documentaries serve as catalysts for awareness and advocacy, urging global audiences to take action for a sustainable future.

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