Beaconhouse National University (BNU)

Ms. Aabidah Shujaat

Assistant Professor

Razia Hassan School of Architecture (RHSA)


Aabidah Shujaat is an architect, academic, writer, text editor and an aspiring landscape architect. She graduated from University of the Punjab in 2009 with a Bachelor of Architecture. She has completed her Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture from Institute for Art and Culture in 2021. She has worked in the field for eight years and has worked on educational and public buildings. She has been in academia for the last five years and has co-developed the curriculum for undergrad programs of Architecture and Landscape Architecture. She has also co-organized several international conferences, talks, seminars and photography exhibitions on architecture and urbanism and also assisted in the editing and publications of several research journals. Her area of research focuses on landscape architecture, history and theories of architecture.


Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture, Institute for Art and Culture, LahoreBachelor of Architecture, University of the Punjab, Lahore

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