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Program Overview

Areas: Print, Weave, Fibre Arts, Fashion Studies

Duration: 4 Years | 8 Semesters

Credits: 137


Career Paths: Acessory Design, Colour & Trend Forecast, Costume Design, Fashion Marketing & Merchandising, Fashion Choreography, Fashion Design, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Journalism, Knitwear, Surface Developer, Stylist.

  • Program Description

    The Fashion Studies program at BNU is instituted for the training of a new generation of highly skilled and innovative fashion designers and entrepreneurs. Realizing the cultural power of fashion designers, the SVAD designers will respond to the demands of the local and international fashion clientele, but also take the responsibility of setting classic to eclectic fashion trends with conscientiousness. The fashion design curricula will ensure that designer’s cultural power is utilized with a sense of civic responsibility.

    This program aims at providing a strong professional education in the diverse cultural and technical aspects of the fashion world. Focusing on new trends, fashion forecasting and investigating social changes, the course will incorporate research on garments and styling to achieve the intended objectives. The program is expected to eventually extend its training to other areas of the emerging fashion sectors e.g. shoes, handbags, accessories and interiors.

    Rooted in the indigenous cultural connotations of art and design, informed by worldwide fashion trends, and nurtured by active research, the fashion design education is now expected to respond to the fashion needs of the citizens of the world. Depending on the traditional sources and sectors of materials, applied-textiles, style and pattern-making, planning of collections and accessories, the fashion design responds to the non-traditional wider visual culture and the domestic and international clientele demands.

  • Admission Requirement

    Students can opt for this program after successfully finishing foundation year.

  • Fashion Studies

    Mandatory for Fashion Major Students

    • Fashion Major Studio II (Fashion drawing + Pattern)

      Course Code: D-FM 303 | Contact time: 12 Hours per week | Credits: 6

      This course integrates Fashion drawing and garment design into a design process and incorporates fashion styles and themes through detailed research. Students learn to construct pattern for challenging designs and later manipulate them according to design specifications, executing patterns to prêt stitching, finishing and detailing.

    • Fashion Major III (Fashion drawing + Pattern + Sewing)

      Course Code: D-FM 309 | Contact time: 18 Hours per week | Credits: 9

      This course integrates Fashion drawing, pattern and sewing skills into a design process. Students understand the fashion styles and themes through research and explore research materials to develop design ideas. The students are taught to make technical flats of garments keeping in mind the industry requirements. Students learn to create garment specification sheets by integrating manual and digital skills.

    • Fashion Major IV (Fashion drawing + Pattern + Sewing)

      Course Code: D-FM 404 | Contact time: 18 Hours per week | Credits: 9

      Students design a mini collection in this semester based on the sketches and illustrations developed in fashion design; create the patterns, toiles and sew innovative techniques and finishes for the final garments according to the criteria specified and corresponding to the norms of the industry and demand of the target markets. A summer internship in the fashion industry is mandatory

    • Fashion Major V (Fashion drawing + Pattern + Sewing )

      Course Code: D-FD 406 | Contact time: 24 Hours per week | Credits: 12

      Students create a collection by integrating all they have learnt. They will harness their creative energy and cultural influences for their final collection. In this semester students will explore areas of personal interest, research and develop in-depth knowledge on the concept they finalize. This self-directed project reflects innovative solutions and leads to a fashion show/exhibition.

  • Theory Courses

    • History of Fashion

      Course Code: D-FH 301 | Contact time: 3 Hours per week | Credits: 1.5 Prerequisite for Fashion Major

      This course aims to encourage students to learn about how fashion has always been an integral part of any society or culture. It enables them to recognize the changes in clothing through various ages: from Egyptians, Greeks, Roman and Byzantium to the elaborate and exaggerated 17th and 18th century. This gives them the knowledge to analyze the relationship between design and various cultures.

    • History of Fashion II

      Course Code: D-FH 305 | Contact time: 3 Hours per week | Credits: 1.5 | Prerequisite for Fashion Major

      This course focuses on modern and contemporary history and its influence on today’s fashion. This course encompasses the characteristics of haute couture from its beginnings to modern day. Exploring the relationship between fashion, and the artistic styles of each decade, students recognize the influence of history on contemporary fashion.

    • Fashion marketing and Merchandising I

      Course Code: D-FM 306 | Contact time: 3 Hours per week | Credits: 1.5

      This course has been designed for students to have advance application of fundamental skills in figure drawing and gives students an understanding of human body proportions, and implement principles of stylized to a human figure in order to produce skilful fashion illustrations. This course will provide a platform to learn various skill sets, ranging from illustration and fashion drawing. Encouraging them to experiment and develop creative responses.This course is an introduction to the foundation of marketing focusing on psychology, more specifically analyzing the consumer buying behavior and the buying process. Value and service, ground rules for analyzing the marketing environment, more specifically macro and micro environment, strategy and goal formulation are the key areas. Marketing research is also discussed in detail.

    • Fashion Marketing and Merchandising II

      Course Code: D-FM 401 | Contact time: 3 Hours per week | Credits: 1.5

      The fundamentals of marketing the 4 P’s – Product and service, Price, Place and Promotion are discussed in detail. Students undertake a real life project that involves market research, strategy formulation, segmentation and the 4 P’s. The students are also introduced to the key components of business studies such as business communication, human resource, production, revenue/profit / cost, entrepreneurship and international marketing.

    • Design Portfolio

      Course Code: D-FD 405 | Contact time: 6 Hrs/ week | Credits: 3

      Students are prepared for the professional world and learn strategies to market their work, learn how to write official documents / applications and to handle interviews. Students participate in various fashion contests to gain experience and be exposed to the competitive nature of the fashion industry. Produce a portfolio that reflects one’s individuality and personal style.

  • Fashion Studio Electives

    • Trend Forecasting

      Course Code: D-FT 302 | Contact time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 2

      The main aim of this course is to enable the students to read trends from latest developments in the high end fashion community and be able to foresee future trends in textiles, colors and fashion, and be able to interpret them in future collections. Aspects of contemporary culture and modern philosophy are analyzed to enable the student to develop the skills of a trend forecaster.

    • Sewing I

      Course Code: D-FS 304 | Contact time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 2

      This course prepares the students to acquire the knowledge and skills, regarding the operational use of industrial sewing machines, and its applications. Students understand the importance and necessity of various construction techniques for different fabrics, and acquire the skills to apply those construction techniques pragmatically.

    • Computer Aided Fashion

      Course Code: D-FC 307 | Contact time: 4 Hours per week | Credits: 2

      Students are introduced to Computer Aided Design (CAD) software in Fashion Design. It teaches Fashion design students to apply Adobe® Photoshop® to enhance their imaging / photography & Adobe Illustrator for designing layouts for their advertising and print /media-related business.

    • Fabrication for Fashion I

      Course Code: D-FF 308 | Contact time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 2

      The course is an introduction to the textile surface & enhancement techniques along with the preceding knowledge of surface design. The emphasis is on how the distinct ‘materiality’ of various textiles can lead to and be used to develop innovative fabrication solutions. Students are introduced to knitting, exploration and use of embellishment on fabric along with surface enhancement techniques i.e. hand & machine embroidery, applique, quilting, printing & painting.

    • Fabrication for Fashion II

      Course Code: D-FF 403 | Contact time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 2

      In this advanced level fashion major students develop notions along with the preceding knowledge of Surface Design & Fabrication I. They are stimulated to initiate concepts, and develop their reflections by interpreting them in various textile techniques & surfaces for their main project.

    • Fashion Accessories

      Course Code: D-FA 402 | Contact time: 6 Hours per week | Credits: 2

      The Accessory Design course is intended to give students a focused resource for developing their own accessory line or completing their desired styling for a specific collection. This course gives them an introduction to the history of accessories throughout the centuries and provides students with both context and inspiration for their designs. This course will cover the key stages of the design processes for the handbags, footwear, and small accessories.

  • Degree Requirement

    Thesis and Degree show

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