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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Program Overview

The MBA program is an intense and demanding academic experience, involving two years of full-time study. The program aims to develop business managers who can provide leadership at all levels in an increasingly global economy. The program is based on a set of core and elective/specialization courses taught using a blend of case study and lecture methodology. The MBA program conforms to the best practices incorporating feedback from the corporate sector and an industry-oriented faculty. The new experiential learning model is based on practical application of a reflective learning process in an entrepreneurial environment, which augments personal leadership capacity building by bringing industry experts to the classroom.


For Non-Business Graduates: 2 years

For Business Graduates: 1.5 years


For Non-Business Graduates: 72

For Business Graduates: 36

Number of Semesters:

For Non-Business Graduates: 5

For Business Graduates: 3

Areas: Business, Entrepreneurship, Management, Banking, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, Islamic Banking and Finance

  • Program Description

    The MBA Programme at BNU is based on a minimum of 72 credit hours taught over 2 years for students holding a four years bachelors honors degrees. Graduates with a four years Business (Hons) degree can join in the second year of the MBA programme and complete the degree in 1½ years with 36 credit hours.

    The MBA courses are taught at an advanced level with a strong focus on application of concepts to the economy and the business environment in Pakistan. The students would be able to develop key business skills within the core functional areas to be able to use quantitative and analytical skills to impact decision making.

    The MBA degree is being offered with the option to focus on the following areas of specialization:

    • Marketing
    • Finance

      The students would also have the flexibility to select and combine courses from within the two areas of specialization to earn the MBA degree.

  • Career Prospects

    This program is suitable for the candidates who wish to pursue their careers in the financial and non-financial corporate entities. The likely employers of our graduates may include:

    • Marketing Companies (Multinational FMGs)
    • Advertising Companies
    • Distribution Companies
    • Financial Sector (Banks, Rating Agencies, Insurance Companies, Development Financial Institutions, Foreign Exchange Companies, Leasing Companies, Mudarba Companies)
    • Non-financial Corporate Sector (Local and Multinational Companies)
    • Regulatory Bodies (Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and State Bank of Pakistan)
    • Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) 
    • Academic Institutions and Research Organizations


  • Program Objectives 

    Our MBA program aims at achieving the following objectives:

    • To provide students with advanced level functional knowledge of theories and practices in the field of business, economics, finance and management.
    • To enhance the students communication and interpersonal skills to interact effectively within the corporate environment.
    • To develop their ability to understand the legal and regulatory framework for businesses.
    • To develop the ability of the students to interpret and use financial and marketing data for effective decision making.
    • To understand the functioning of the financial and banking environment, financial products, operations and risk management techniques and practices.
    • To develop an advanced level of understanding of financial management and corporate financing strategy and processes.
    • To develop effective managerial and leadership skills.
    • To develop quantitative & analytical skills required to interpret and use economic, financial, marketing, and business information for decision-making and research.
    • To develop an understanding of the compliance, ethical and social issues within the context of businesses.
    • To provide students with opportunities to learn both inside and outside of the classrooms to acquire knowledge and inculcate a spirit of Entrepreneurship.

  • Learning Outcomes

    • Students will possess knowledge of current theory and techniques of the major business disciplines (i.e. the MBA core courses).
    • Students will exhibit the leadership capacity and teamwork skills for business decision making.
    • Students will understand the ethical implication of business decision making and recognize ethical dilemmas.
    • Students will demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively.
    • Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills.
    • Students will have an understanding of global perspectives.
    • MBA graduates demonstrate competence in the core curriculum’s shared areas of business knowledge - lean management, business intelligence, and globalization

  • Admission Criteria

    Candidates with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 in a four-year Bachelor’s degree program will be considered for admission into the MBA program. An offer of admission will be subject to the decision of the Admissions Committee based on the candidate’s academic profile and performance in the admissions process comprising a written test and interview.

  • Program Structure

    Key: M=Mandatory Course, GR=General Elective, C= Core Course, S=Specialization Course *Interdisciplinary courses

    • Year 1 Semester 1

      Course Code Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs Pre-Reqs
        Business Economics C1 3 -
        Business Maths and Statistics C2 3 -
        Managerial Communication GR1 3 -
        Financial Accounting C3 3 -
        Leadership and Organisational Behavior C4 3 -
        Management Information Systems (MIS) GR3 3 -
        Total   18  
    • Year 1 Semester 2

      Course Code Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs Pre-Reqs
        Marketing Management  C6 3 -
        Analysis of Financial Statements and Reporting C7 3 C5
        Cost and Management Accounting C8 3 C3
        Business Tax & Commercial Law GR2 3 C3
        Human Resource Management (HRM) C9 3 C4
         Corporate Finance C5 3  -
        Total   18.0
    • Year 2 Semester 3

      Course Code Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs Pre-Reqs
        Digital Marketing and E-Commerce C10 3  C6

      Advanced Corporate Finance C11 3 C5

      Quantitative Techniques in Business Research  C12 3 C2

      Specialization Course  S1 3

      Specialization Course S2 3
        Total   15.0
    • Year 2 Semester 4

      Course Code Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs Pre-Reqs

      Entrepreneurship and Family Business Management C13 3
        Corporate Strategy and Business Policy  C14 3 C4

      Managerial Economics  C15 3 C1, C3

      Specialization Course
      S3 3
        Specialization Course
      S4 3
        Total   15.0
    • Summer Semester

      Course Code Course Title Course Category Credit Hrs Pre-Reqs

      MBA Research Project plus Internship M1 6 C2, GR6, C12
        Total Credit Hours    72

      NOTE: Students with a Bachelor’s degree in Business will be admitted to Year 2 of the MBA programme and will complete it in 1.5 years with 36 credit hours.

    • Specialization Courses

      Course Code Course Title Functional Area  Course Category Credit Hrs Pre-Reqs
        Brand and Advertising Management Marketing  S1 3  C6

      Strategic Supply Chain Management  Management  S2 3 C6

      Marketing Analytics and Business Intelligence  Marketing  S3 3 C6, C10

      Market Driving Strategies  Marketing  S4 3 C6, C10

      Distribution Channels and Sales Force Management  Marketing  S5 3 C6
        Strategic Marketing Intelligence  Marketing  S6  15.0 C6, C10
        Consumer Behavior  Marketing  S7    C6, C10
        Operations Management  Management  S8    C1, C9
        Management  of Financial Institutions  Finance  S9    C5, C11
        Investment and Portfolio Management Finance  S10    C5, C7, C11
        Bank Management Finance  S11    C3, C5,C11
        Project Finance  Finance  S12    C5, C7, C11
        Risk Management  Finance  S13    C3, C5, C11
        Fintech and Digital Banking  Finance  S14   C3, C5, C11 
  • Mandatory Research Project and Internship

    Upon completion of the taught course requirements for the MBA degree the students will undertake a supervised mandatory Research Project combined with an Internship during the summer semester for 6 credit hours. Placements will be arranged from a prequalified list of companies.

  • Degree Requirement

    Students are required to complete 72 credit hours with minimum 2.0 CGPA to qualify for the award of the MBA degree. The successful completion of the MBA Research Project and Internship is a mandatory requirement for the award of the MBA degree. Academic performance of the students and their attitude towards their studies is continuously monitored. Contrary to any other policy, the students failing to meet minimum academic standards will be dropped from the program. Students will be required to maintain the minimum attendance requirements to be eligible to appear in the final examinations.;

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