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M. Arch. (Master of Architecture)

Program Overview

Areas: Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Environment and Ecology, Land Economics, Urban Development, Planning Authorities, Code Authorities, Public Art and Sculpture, Construction Industry, Material Industry, Film Production, Theatre Production, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Education, Environmental Psychology, Public-Private Partnerships in Housing, Educational Facilities, Infrastructure and Heritage Conservation Planning.

Duration: The duration of M. Arch. can spread over two to four semesters depending upon the professional practice and/or academic aspirations of the student.

Credits: 32

Career Paths: Architect, Building Type Specialist (Housing, Schools, Hospitals, Airports, Public Institutions like museums, galleries, performance halls...), Interior Designer, Urban Designer, Landscape Designer, Environmentalist, Land Development Consultant and Building Economist, Stage Designer, Furniture Designer, Virtual Environments Designer for Films and Video-games, Restoration/Conservation Architect, Building Energy Consultant, Code Consultant, Materials Consultant, Construction Manager, Architectural Historian, Architectural Critic, Architectural Educator, Architectural Photographer.

  • Program Description

    The Masters of Architecture is a thirty two (32) credit post-graduate degree program that could be spread over two to four semesters depending upon the professional practice and/or academic aspirations of the student. Its primary objective is the post-graduate education of architects who, beyond the basic professional degree (B.Arch) are exposed to

    • Critical Inquiry into the sources of architectural ideas and inspirations as well as the processes through which a student develops and refines designs.
    • Research, Design and Writing across Boundaries among architecture and domains like:
      • Liberal Arts
        Philosophy, history, cultural studies, literature, fine arts, music
      • Social Sciences
        Economics, sociology, psychology, education
      • Physical sciences and technology
        Physics, mathematical and natural morphology, materials sciences, tectonics of construction
      • Communications
        Digital visualization and communicative arts and technologies
      • Education
        Academy versus practice, curriculum, studio and allied pedagogies, advanced instructional technologies including virtual studios
  • Admission Requirement

    Minimum admission requirement is 17 years of undergraduate education culminating with a Bachelor of Architecture from an accredited institution of higher learning. The candidates are to produce a clear statement of academic and professional intentions, appear for a written test and an interview.

  • Courses

    1 Year M. Arch : 32 Credits

    • Semester I

      Course Title Credit Hrs.
      Integrated graduate Colloquium I 04 Credit Hours
      Research Methods and Academic Writing 04 Credit Horus
      Theory Elective or field work or Internship 04Credit Hours
      Directed Studies Project relevant to Selected Focus 04 Credit Hours
    • Semester II

      Course Title Credit Hrs.
      Integrated graduate Colloquium II 04 Credit Hours
      Theory Elective or field work or Internship 04 Credit Hours
      Masters Project or Written Thesis 08 Credit Hours
    • Semester III

      Course Title Credit Hrs.
      Continuation of Thesis Total Credits 32 Credit
  • Degree Requirement

    Completion of thirty-two (32) credit hours and project/thesis

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