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The Institute of Psychology at the Beaconhouse National University was established in 2004, to provide opportunities in the private sector for higher studies in Psychology. The Institute offers a broad range of programs in Psychology that not only communicate contemporary knowledge but also train students in general skills of research, critical thinking, statistical analysis, as well as written and oral communication. Our approach is evolutionary; we constantly update our courses to ensure that they remain challenging and relevant. The programs are conducted with the collaboration of psychiatric units at teaching hospitals and other educational and business organizations in the private and public sector. It is to date the only institute in Pakistan that offers specialized masters programs in diverse fields such as Clinical, Counseling, Organizational and School Psychology. Our emphasis on professional training facilitates students in the applied areas of their subject.

What makes our programs distinctive is the academically rigorous but supportive culture that prevails on campus. It offers an environment that is genuinely warm and friendly, and places a very high value on services provided to students. With the staff student ratio of 1:10, we can ensure quality. Small seminar groups and tutorials give students the opportunity to interact with teachers and fellow students. This sort of tuition is the hallmark of BNU higher education and has proven value. The Institute follows the best of traditional methods of teaching and the best of what is new. It strives to ensure that students receive a well-rounded and informed perspective on the subject of Psychology. Its emphasis on communication skills and research encourages the development of critical thinking that is essential for the applied fields of the discipline.

Dr. Ruhi Khalid

Professor & Director,

Institute of Psychology (IP)

Dr. Ruhi Khalid - Professor & Director, Institute of Psychology (IP)

Dr. Ruhi Khalid

Professor & Director, Institute of Psychology (IP)

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