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  • Dr. Ruhi Khalid
    Professor and Director

    Visiting Fellow (Pittsburgh University, USA)

    PhD (Glasgow University, UK)

    Certified Counselor (Pennsylvania, USA)

    Dr. Ruhi Khalid is the Director of Institute of Psychology, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore. Before joining BNU, Dr. Khalid worked as chairperson of the department of Applied Psychology, Punjab University where she was also appointed as Dean Faculty of Life Sciences. She completed her Ph.D in Psychology from the University of Glasgow in 1985. Her Ph.D work was on Self-esteem. As Fulbright Scholar her Postdoctoral work focused on gender issues. She was a visiting fellow of the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (1997-1998). Her areas of interest are Social, Health, Clinical and Developmental Psychology, and Women Issues. She has undergone training in the following: therapeutic intervention for victims of violent crimes at the Center for Victims of Violent Crimes Pittsburgh, USA; training program for qualified Sexual Assault Counselors in U.S.A. at Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh; certificate of Completion in Victim Assistance Training Program, Allegheny and also attended Counseling courses for abused women and for Child Abuse victims at the University of Pittsburgh. Higher Education Commission (H.E.C) of Pakistan gave her Best Teacher Award for her contribution to Academia. She is also one of the H.E.C’s approved Supervisors for the Ph.D. in Psychology for the indigenous Ph.D scholarship program. Up till now several Ph.D scholars have completed their doctoral work under her supervision successfully. She has also made valuable contributions in the discipline of Psychology and Applied Psychology in terms of courses development and curriculum design for B.Sc. (Hons.) Psychology, M.Sc. Psychology, M.Phil Psychology, MS Clinical and Counseling Psychology, and Ph.D programs in Psychology programs for higher educational institutions across Pakistan. Dr. Khalid has to her credit memberships of a number of prestigious professional and academic societies in Pakistan as well as in Britain and U.S.A. She is an active researcher and has participated and organized various workshops, seminars and conferences at national and international forums. She is on the Editorial Board of a number of scientific journals. Her research publications include books and research articles published in national and international scientific Journals of repute.

  • Dr. Farhat Jamil
    Assistant Professor

    PhD Applied Psychology (Punjab University)

    M.Sc. Applied Psychology (Punjab University)

    Dr Farhat Nadeem has been associated with BNU since 2006. She is a committed academic and before joining BNU, she has taught at post graduate level in various prestigious educational institutions across country. Dr Farhat was awarded HEC Indigenous Fellowship in 2004 for her PhD which she completed from Department of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab. Her PhD dissertation was titled as “Development and validation of menopausal symptoms scale and psychosocial aspects of menopause”. Dr Farhat completed her M.Sc. with distinction and secured Gold Medal. She completed her clinical training at Department of Psychiatry, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore. She has been working with victims of domestic violence at DASTAK. Dr Farhat’s areas of interest are assessment, psychometrics and Statistics with special emphasis on Scale Development. She has a number of research publications to her credit and has presented her research work in several International and National conferences. She is consulting editor of Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology and Journal of Behavioral Sciences. She has served as external examiner for post graduate students of Psychology/Applied Psychology at prestigious universities of Pakistan. She has also made valuable contributions as member of Board of Studies at Institutions of Higher Education.

  • Amna Affan Butt 
    Assistant Professor

    MS Clinical Psychology (Government College University)

    PhD Scholar (Beaconhouse National University)

    Amna Butt is Assistant Professor at Institute of Psychology, Beaconhouse National University. She has been teaching at BNU since 2009. Apart from teaching, she coordinates clinical placements of trainee clinical psychologists at different hospitals of Lahore. Amna did her MSc in Applied Psychology from Beaconhouse National University in 2007 and was awarded Gold Medal. She completed her MS in Clinical Psychology from Government College University (Lahore) and was again awarded Gold Medal. Currently, she is enrolled in PhD program at BNU. Ms Amna is a trained school psychologist and has received training in neuropsychological assessment. She has done extensive research work with Burn patients and children with Down Syndrome and has presented her research work at international conferences. As an active Clinician, Amna conducts training workshops for professionals. She also serves as external examiner at different universities. Amna carries out clinical practice and is a consultant clinical psychologist at Ijaz Psychiatric Institute.

  • Aman Karim
    Assistant Professor

    MS in Clinical and Counseling Psychology (Beaconhouse National University)

    Aman Karim has been working as a Lecturer at the Institute of Psychology, Beaconhouse National University since 2013. She did her MS in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Beaconhouse National University, and received a gold medal for her academic achievements. She was also the Valedictorian for BNU, year 2013. Previously, she had completed her BSc. (Hons.) in Applied Psychology from Kinnaird College for Women, and was on the Dean’s Honor List for the entire course of her Bachelors. She has conducted extensive research with learning disabled children. Her clinical training and placement was done in a number of government hospitals including Mayo Hospital and Jinnah Hospital. Additionally, she has also worked with intellectually disabled children at the Rising Sun Institute. Currently, she is also working as a consultant clinical psychologist at Ijaz Psychiatric Institute, Lahore.

  • Rawa Haider
    Assistant Professor

    M.Sc. Organizational Psychology and Business

    Aston University, Birmingham, UK

  • Rabia Khan

    MS in Clinical and Counseling Psychology (Beaconhouse National University)

  • Fatima Nadeem

    MS in Clinical and Counseling Psychology (Beaconhouse National University)

Resource Persons


  • Dr. Saad Bashir Malik

    Head, Department of Psychiatry, Shalimar Hospital, Lahore

    MBBS, MRC Psych (The Royal College of Psychiatrists, U.K)

    FRC Psych (The Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK)

    D.P.M. (Conjoint Board, England)

  • Dr. Feriha Peracha

    Clinical Psychologist

    PhD (University College London, UK)

  • Dr. Daniel J. Christie

    Professor Emeritus Ohio State University

  • Dr. Irene Hanson Frieze

    Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Pittsburgh, USA

  • Dr. Erica Burman

    Professor, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

  • Dr. Aneeq Ahmad

    Associate Professor (Henderson State University, USA)

    PhD (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

  • Dr. Nasir Saeed Khan

    Head, Department of Psychiatry, Services Hospital Lahore

    FCPS-Psych (College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan).

  • Dr. Sadaf Rasheed

    Head, Department of Psychiatry, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore

    MBBS, MRCPsych, UK

  • Dr. Farah Malik

    Professor, Institute of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab

    PhD (NIP, Quaid-e-Azam University)

  • Dr. Imran Ijaz Haider

    Head, Department of Psychiatry, Fatima Memorial Hospital

    MBBS, MRC Psych (UK)

    D.P.M R.C.S (UK)

    RCPR (UK)

  • Dr. Nazish Imran

    Head, Department of Child Psychiatry, Mayo Hospital

    MBBS, MRC Psych (UK)

  • Dr. Sobia Tamim Khan

    Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist at St Andrews Healthcare, UK

    Honorary Senior Lecturer University of Birmingham, UK

    MBBS, MRCpPsych (UK)

  • Dr. Sarah Shahed

    Professor, Department of Psycholgy, Forman Christian College, Lahore

    PhD (Punjab University)

  • Nauman Qureshi

    Registered Psychotherapist

    M.A Clinical Psychology, Canada

    Certificate in Gestalt Therapy (USA)

    Certificate in Rational Emotional Therapy (USA)

    Certificate in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (Canada)

  • Dr. Salma Hasan

    Professor, Department of Psychology, GCU

    PhD (Punjab University)

  • Dr. Shahida Batool

    Professor & Head, Department of Psychology, GCU

    PhD (Punjab University)

  • Dr. Erum Bokhari

    Senior Clinical Psychologist, Mayo Hospital, Lahore

    PhD (Punjab University)

  • Kausar Fazal Shah

    Retd. Associate Professor, GCU

  • Rubina Mehmood

    Senior Clinical Psychologist (Mayo Hospital)

    MS (Government College University)

  • Arshad Mahmood Naz

    Speech and Language Therapist, Child and Family Psychiatry, Deptt. Mayo Hospital, Lahore

    MS Speech and Language Pathology

    PGD Diploma in Speech and Language Therapy

    M.Sc. Psychology

  • Nauveen Dubash

    Specializing in Family Therapy (University of McGill, USA)

    MS in Clinical & Counseling Psychology (Beaconhouse National University)

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